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Form is function. But at Safe Build Systems we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that a laboratory environment can handle the everyday elements of corrosive acids, hazardous and explosive gases or the most sensitive and delicate instruments - and look good!

A laboratory is a functional facility by necessity but it needn't exclude aesthetic appeal.

Because we understand that your people matter.

Being functional you can be sure that we have taken safety into account. Seating and bench levels are flexible enough to accommodate different tasks and ergonomic considerations.

Then we go one step further and consider colour, finishes and lighting to create not only a functional but altogether pleasant working environment geared to maximum productivity, staff comfort and safety.

We supply and install a full range of modular laboratory furniture systems which include Ventilated Benches, Ventilated Sinks, Ventilated Balance Tables and Ventilated Solvent/Chemical Storage Units. We can also custom build these in any size or configuration to suit the clients needs and incorporate Ventilated Drip Cups and Ventilated Water Disposal Units. We also supply and install the fans and ductwork to suit our products.
Laboratory Furniture
Our ranges of Modular Laboratory Furniture are extremely flexible, of high quality and competitively priced. We install all our systems using our own fitters who have had many years experience in this field. Underbench units can be suspended, mobile or on a plinth system. A full range of worktop types are available to suit our clients requirements.
Ventilated Downflow Bench Systems
Ventilated Downflow Bench Systems are not designed to take the place of the Fume Cupboards but to be used alongside them for preparation, which leaves the Fume Cupboard free for use in more hazardous conditions. Indeed, there are many areas where Fume Cupboards are being used where a Ventilated Bench System would be more practical, cost effective and safer. The concept is that any vapours of fine powders are drawn down through the perforated area not as in the traditional method, pulled up past the operator into a hood. This gives the operator an extremely high degree of safety, equivalent to Class I and II Safety Containment Regulations.
Fume Cupboards
We design, manufacture and install a range of Fume Cupboards to suit our clients requirements complete with fans and ductwork. We also carry our commissioning and certification in compliance with the latest Health & Safety and BS Regulations.
Safety Cabinets and Laminar Flow Workstation
Safe Build Systems Ltd supply and install a range of Safety Cabinets and Laminar Flow Workstations to suit our clients requirements. We also carry our commissioning and certification in compliance with the latest Health & Safety and BS Regulations.
Ventilated Stores
By applying the principal of our Ventilated bench System, we have developed a Ventilated Store which, by means of extracting from the rear, gives complete safety to the user even when the doors are open. These storage systems can be manufactured to suit the clients requirements.
Localised Extraction
We supply localised extraction systems for laboratories and can offer a very comprehensive service with this product. The system can be located on the bench, wall, or taken from the ceiling, thereafter, different types of hoods or arms can be attached to suit the specific requirements of the user including multiple arm systems serviced from one fan unit. We offer a complete installation service with this including fans and ductwork.
Formalin/Chemical Dispensing Systems
In line with our continuous product development we can now offer the system of dispensing dangerous chemicals such as formalin in volume in conjunction with our Ventilated Benches, giving protection to the operative and increasing productivity within the laboratory.
Open Bench Protection - Safe bench Containment Tray
Safe Build Systems have designed an innovative product which combines a spillage containment base with a unique support system capable of accepting laboratory scaffolding, protective shielding or a combination of both. This system gives the user a designated working area with protection from low level radioactive sources or chemical splashes and spillage.
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